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This tutorial will show you on how to install a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server on your Ubuntu 16.04 VPS.


Game Server running Ubuntu 16
Steam Account

Installing Pre-Depends

Install the lib32gcc1 runtime library:

apt-get install lib32gcc1

Downloading and Installing SteamCMD

We need to create a user. To do this you have to use the useradd command:

useradd -m steam

After creating the user, login to this user to start the installation of the SteamCMD. Use the following command to login:

su - steam

It is recommended to create and enter the Steam directory with:

mkdir ~/Steam && cd ~/Steam

Now download the latest version of SteamCMD from Valve server. It can be done with:


Extract SteamCMD and run it:

tar xf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz

And run the SH file with:


Using SteamCMD to Download Server Files

If the installation was successful, you should see Steam prompt:


Login to your Steam account. It is recommended to login with the following command:

login <username> <password>

Choose a folder name for your installation folder:

force_install_dir ./cs_go/

Install and validate CS:GO Server files. We can install and validate it with (740 – Game ID - Counter-Strike Global Offensive):

app_update 740 validate

Open the Steam Page and create a game server account.

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